welcome to my blog

let me introduce myself I’m Chris been growing tobacco for about 8 or 9 years now what brought me to supplying tobacco seeds is that in 2014 I nearly died and spent 6 months in a wheelchair from a server car accident nearly killed me anyway I then spent a further 1.5 years on crutches unable to support my weight let alone work and I was just selling off my excess seeds that I bought and well obviously that took off like a house on fire   And then I found myself finding a supplier that can supply me enough for the demand I have found that and soon to start off my own remote production of seeds with the hopes that will allow me to drop the price of my tobacco seeds   now this will be the place to find my advanced directions as I perfect them and format everything to be an easier read feel free to print what you like in this section   but no one has permission to sell anything or copy to another website without prior authorisation most likely I will allow this with just a simple shout out to my website would be all I ask and a credit to me