20 kaffir lime seeds (Citrus aurantifolia) BONSAI fruit lemon tree

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20pcs/bag kaffir lime seeds, lime seeds, (Citrus aurantifolia) ,organic fruit seeds, BONSAI fruit lemon tree for home garden

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Just imagine how convenient it would be to have your own source of Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves for your Thai Cooking.

Grow your own! It’s easy.

10 THAI KAFFIR LIME SEEDS, For all your Thai curries, soups, salads and stir-fries, Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves are an essential ingredient. The fresher the better.
These will happily gown in cooler climates inside. I have even grown them successfully in Scotland!
The Kaffir Lime is indispensable in Thai cooking and cannot be substituted with other kinds of citrus. The valued parts are the leaves and the peel or zest of the limes. The juice is also aromatic but is not generally used in cooking since its perfumes quality can overpower light sour dishes.
The dark green leaves come in double form – a more pointed top leaf joined to a more rounded bottom leaf. They impart not only a sweet, lemony scent but a wondrous flavor of their own to soups, salads, curries and stir-fried dishes. For watery simmered dishes, the leaves are bruised and added whole; for dry dishes, they are cut into very fine hair-like slivers. To sliver, stack a few leaves at a time and cut at a slanted angle with a sharp knife; or use scissors.

When you receive the seeds re-hydrate them by wrapping in damp kitchen towel for 12 hours before planting

Growing Instructions

Stage 1
Combine together equal parts of peat moss, loam and sand in a bucket. Split the growing media into individual three or four-inch plastic pots until filled.

Stage 2
Pack down the growing media until it’s firm and well compressed in each of the three or four-inch pots. Place the pots into a watering tray, or any other container that can hold about one inch of water.

Stage 3
Pour water into the tray so the three or four-inch pots will absorb enough water to become well saturated. Drain out any remaining water after the pots have been moistened.

Stage 4
Poke one-half deep holes in the centre of each three or four-inch plastic pot. Drop into each hole, two to three of the Kaffir lime tree seeds. Then, sprinkle approximately one half inch of the growing media over the top of each of the holes.
Cover the pots with cling film forming a mini greenhouse environment.
Stage 5
Transfer the tray of pots into a warm, bright location. The location should have a consistent temperature of between 21 and 24 deg. Celsius at all times. Ideally, eight to 10 hours of light daily also should be available. Germination of the Kaffir lime tree seeds can begin in as little as 7 days, but can take up to 4 weeks. Pot up the Kaffir lime tree seedlings into larger containers when they’re about 2 to 3 inches tall. Give fertilizer once every 2 months to encourage plant growth


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