400 NON GMO Thyme Thymus Vulgaris Seeds High Germination

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1 Bag 400 NON-GMO Garden Seeds Thyme Thymus Vulgaris -Flower High Germination

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Mature height; 8-12 inches (Thymus vulgaris) Intensely aromatic, the tiny gray-green leaves of true French thyme are indispensible in today’s kitchen garden. Sturdy, disease free, and is known to be a “beginner’s herb”.

Most popular culinary herbs worldwide. Great to plant indoors or outdoors!

Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) – Growing Thyme herb plants is fun and rewarding, and this long-lived perennial herb is a mainstay of American cuisine! Thyme herb is found in recipes for almost everything including fish, chowders, sauces, stuffings, soups, meats and poultry. The aromatic, warming flavor holds up well during long cooking times. Thyme also makes an attractive plant for the herb garden. Grown from Thyme seeds, this plant produces small gray-green leaves and tiny summer blooms. It is not only attractive in the perennial border or herb garden, but it also attracts birds, bees and butterflies to the garden as well. 

How To Grow Thyme From Herb Seeds:

To establish Thyme from seeds, sow the herb seeds indoors on sterile starting mix 6 – 8 weeks before last frost. Keep the Thyme seeds moist until germination. Once frost season has passed transplant the Thyme seedlings into the garden in a sunny location. Do not over water Thyme. It likes to dry out in-between waterings. Thyme herb plants dislike wet foliage, so surrounding the plant with a layer of gravel can help this. This variety of Thyme is often planted near vegetables to help control flea beetles and several cabbage pests.


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