50 Mini Red Pear Tomato Seeds C091

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Original Packs Red Pyriform Tomato Seeds With Great Quality For Free Shipping To All Over The World

50 seeds of each pack

Sowing Temperature : 18-25C
Growing Temperature : 18- 36 C
Spacing: 20*30CM
Grow up / Flower days : 80 days
Height when grow up : Sprawl
Colour of Fruit :Red


Strong Of Growing Trend, Easy Cultivation, Fruit Shape Seems Like A Pear, Type Of Fruit – Tomato, Red Peel, 20g Each Fruit, About 7-8 Pieces Of Fruit, High Quantity, Non-Dehiscent, Smooth-Skinned, Succulent Which Means It Is Neither Too Sweet Nor Too Sour, Delicious, High Quality, Disease Resistance, Culture Of Seedling At March, Planting Should Ideally Be By The End Of May, 70*30 cm Of Distance, Also Requires To Strengthen Fertilization Management, Finally, Always Ensure Pest Management.

The most effective method to plant seeds

  1. Soak seeds: (Almost no seeds require not do it.)Please put the seeds in the water for around 12 hours.The temperature of the water is around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  2. Sow seeds: Take some fertile soil.Water it and keep it moist.Put the seeds on the dirt uniformly.
  3. Cover seeds: (Almost no seeds require not do it.)Cover seeds with soil.Soil thickness is about twice as the measure of the seeds.
  4. Water seeds: Keep water seeds one time each day, you would be advised to do it at night, but ought not to water excessively much.Four or five days latter, the seeds will be blossom.


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