American 63


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American 63 is a high yielding aromatic tobacco for air curing and drying, with good tasting and smoking properties. It is good alone or in blends. Plants produce 18-22 leaves averaging 10″ wide and 20″ in length. It is drought and disease resistant. Matures in approximately 65 days.

Pedigree: (Trapezond 19 × Nicotiana glauca) × ((American 572 × Nicotiana sylvestris) × Lechia) × Nicotiana sandere).

  *The “American” oriental types were developed by crossing Orientals with Virginian bright leafs to develop new hybrid varieties. 

you will get 1200 seeds instead of 300 but there is a wait of up to 6 weeks generally 4 to 5 though as it’s special order and as I have a perfected way to get these in I can offer this but

you also get the value of $25.16 for only $11.79 on that note also I have had tobacco seeds last me 5+ years with no germination degradation and I only keep them for a short time before I put them into my personal seeds as I don’t sell old seeds

you will receive some growing instructions with your order

if you desire registered postage with tracking please contact me I’m having a few issues with shipping rules at the present time


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