MH/HPS 1000W Electronic ballast with power regulator 600W/750W/1000W/1000SL Grow Light ballast

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Electronic Dimmable 1000w Watt MH HPS Digital Grow Light Ballast


Digital Electronic Ballast:

  • Run at 100%, 75% or 50% power
  • Fit for High Pressure Sodium Lamps and metal halide lamp
  • Pass FCC and CE Certificate
  • Universal reflector adaptor
  • internal RF protection
  • internal resin coating protects components for long time
  • unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling
  • Extruded aluminium housing is engineered to dissipate heat and keep the components cool
  • Specified Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Working Voltage Range: 90~260V
  • extremely efficient-99% power factor
  • Soft Start Technology to extend the life of the lamp
  • cut off circuitry-Automatic cut off when a short is detected ,for ultimate safety
  • Higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts

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Key Features:
Voltage Regulator Precision: microprocessor and software controlled electronics monitor and sense the lamp and its current state of degradation ensuring the lamp receives the precise voltage necessary to achieve optimum PAR spectrum output (the actual part of light plants use to photosynthesize) regardless of mains supply voltage fluctuations.
Soft Start: when the ballast is switched on, the software controlled electronics manage and control inrush current so as to prevent initial surge tripping circuit breakers and protect and enhance lamp life. The ballast will bring the lamp to full brightness within 3 minutes.
Sequential Switching: the ballast detects other ballasts on the same circuit ring. When used in an automated system, the ballasts will start independently rather than simultaneously so as to manage the electrical load and prevent circuit breakers from tripping.
Soft dim: when the ballast output power is changed, the regulator software controls the change in power so that it is gradual, thus reducing stress on the lamp and improving lamp life.
Circuit protection and Auto Restart: the ballast will detect power surges, short circuits, circuit interuption, over heating and switch off to prevent any damage to the lamp or the ballast. To protect against hot re-strike, the ballast will monitor and sense when the lamp is ready to be reignited and will then restart automatically.
End of lamp life: the ballast will monitor and sense when the lamp is coming to the end of its useable life and will not attempt to ignite it thus avoiding negative spectral and colour anomalies.
No Noise: the Lumatek ballast is completely silent and produces no vibrations due to using the graduated fin design of the case as a heat sink which negates the need for an internal fan.
Less Heat: the ballast is extremely efficient and very little energy is lost as heat waste.
Lightweight: the ballast is compact and light, weighing 5kg making it easy to position and mount.


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