5 Kinds of Lavender Seeds Herb Balcony Plant

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1200 seeds all up

Type: Perennial Color Lavender Florescence May – July Habits of Happy illumination, hardy, not damp. Plant height 50- 60 cm. In addition, the grain number per gram about 1000 grains. Apart from this, the suggested showing quantity is at 2 – 3 g/ square meter.

Also, remember the advice seedling to germinate is at 10- 14 days. In addition, the scope of highway slope is flower beds, flower, garden, garden plants, aromatic plants. More so, it is said that one of the lavender varieties from the botanical classification is widely cultivated as an ornamental type of Lavandula angustifolia. This is also known as the Spanish Lavender or Lavender dentate also as fern leaf Lavender. The genus Lavandula angustifolia is most often the cultivated species. Which has currently developed many different types of varieties.

NOTE: This is more of a wild card of 5 different types of lavender seeds and is priced to reflect accordingly. I’m taking a hit in the pocket to share these with you. Everyone is welcome to buy these seeds! Enjoy these as this is the closest to free as it really gets!


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